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If you’re looking to hire a comedian to host or perform at your party, you may be stumped regarding how to find one, or the process of vetting and hiring them. Here are a few tips that will get the ball rolling and have you on your way to having the laughter-filled event of your dreams. 

1. Attend Comedy Open-Mic Events Near You

No matter the size of the city, and even in plenty of towns, there are open-mic comedy nights for the amateur stand-up act to get their wings. Booking a newer comedian for a private event is a good option because they are likely to be more willing to accept a gig at a fair price, rather than a price that a star may demand, which could get into 5 and 6-digit numbers.  Don’t be afraid to go out on the town to look for some fresh talent.

2. Visit Local Club Comedy Showcases

Similar to hiring an open-mic comedian but stepping it up a level, hiring a comedian that has a formally booked slot at a comedy club showcase is a great way to assure your private party entertainment will be excellent without breaking the bank. Comedians performing at actual comedy clubs are along the road of “paying their dues,” so to speak. This means that they’ve tried out a lot of jokes and know what works for different audiences. They’ve honed their act enough to be notable, but not yet famous. Sometimes it benefits you best to strike while the iron is hot and hire someone before they hit the big time.

3. Search Online

Search engines like Google, Bing, Start Page, DuckDuckGo, and the endless list of smaller engines can provide you with instant results in a hierarchy that will align with your preferences to book a quality comedian for a private event. Depending on your budget, you can search far and wide, or locally. What does your budget allow for? That’s something you’ll need to have in the front of your mind as you draw up a preliminary list.

4. Searching Online Part II: Consider Searching on Hiring Apps

In our new age of social media and apps, there are innovative ways of discovering talent of all kinds. There are even apps that list entertainers for hire that you can peruse to look for talent to book. Look into these apps and peruse the comedian sections to see if there is anyone who would fit the vibe and budget of your private event. One benefit of these listings is that you can usually get a price quote right away.

5. Have Patience

Finding the right comedian for a private event can seem challenging. You have to find the right talent, make sure they fit your budget, and then deal with the other dynamics of the event planning like hosting and scheduling. Using the above means to find a comedic act can streamline your stress and get the event planning in motion. In a matter of no time, you’ll have a party on the calendar.

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