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The San Jacinto Beagle Club was organized in 1961 by brace beagling enthusiasts and held its first brace field trial in 1965. It is licensed by the American Kennel Club and is associated with the National Beagle Club. In the past, it has been a member of the Southwestern Beagle Association and the Southern Federation of Beagle Clubs. It holds various derby qualifying trials and an annual licensed field trial.

The Club expanded into show activities in 1976 and held its first licensed show in 1979. The Club conducted its first four independent specialties and then joined the Houston Combined Specialty Association. Its first show within this organization was hosting the National Beagle Specialty as a part of the Astroworld Series of Dog Shows in the summer of 1983.

The Club prides itself in its dual interest of field and show activities. Some of its current members or past members have participated with their beagles in obedience, agility and fly ball. If enough interest among beaglers develops, the club will probably organize activities for beagles in these areas as well.

During the Clubs history, a number of its members have been members and officers of various all breed clubs as well as national dog related organizations. It has been active in community service, having participated in Showcase of Purebred Dogs, Kids' Dog Shows, assisted local humane officers and vets with rabies clinics and conducted obedience, handling and grooming classes for beagle enthusiasts. The Club and its members have supported the National Beagle Club activities with both funds and volunteers for committees when possible. It has also been a member of the Texas Canine Sports League (formed in 1981 to lobby in the Texas Legislature against legislation that would adversely affect the sport of pure bred dogs.) Currently, the Club allocates a portion of its budget to support beagle rescue and the Canine Health Foundation.

The San Jacinto Beagle Club is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas as a non profit corporation. Its membership is open to all people with an interest in the beagle.