It seems that Extra-Dimensional poaching is a thing, and It’s highly lucrative : nosleep

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Hello, I won’t give any introductions, It’s not necessary and I don’t want to disclose my personal info… You’ll find out why in a moment. I’ll just start.

About two months ago I was going home from work, It was the late afternoon, I can’t recall what hour exactly but It was dark. I was at the bus station waiting for my bus when a small briefcase caught my eye, that kind in which you usually store laptops. I ignored it at first… But, since there was no one around, I decided to grab it and take it home…

I wouldn’t call myself a thief nor a kleptomaniac, if anything It was really unusual for me to do something like that, take something that doesn’t belong to me. But at that specific instance, it was as if something was telling me to take it. So I did, and I am writing you

I figured It was password-protected, so I couldn’t do much anyway. I thought of taking it to the police to put it into the “lost and found” bin. But eventually, I weighed my options and decided not to.

A few days passed and I haven’t so much as opened the briefcase, but I could feel there was a laptop inside. And I also, quite late, thought of the fact It might have a tracking device. But since the police didn’t kick down my door, I’m good, for now.

Then came the day I decided to open the briefcase up. And lo and behold an HP laptop, and an outdated one. Not archaic, a model from five or six years ago. It was black and looked quite sleek and well kept.

I plugged It in so it can charge, then turned it on. And to my utmost surprise, there was no password protection. Either the guy had zero sense to secure his belongings, or he wanted someone to find It and see his personal or work-related stuff.

But, there was nothing of the like on there. Hell, he or she had nothing else except for the Tor browser and some VPNs. He or she wasn’t even logged in to Google, no email. So, the person in question felt as if there was no need for a password? I dunno.

Soon enough, after snooping around the files I did eventually find a word document containing a single link. The document itself was named “Zone”.

The link was… sketchy, to say the least. And since the Tor browser was on the laptop, I’ll use it.

So, I copied and pasted the link into the browser. It took me to some kind of website, I would describe It as some kind of eBay or Amazon equivalent, but the quality of the site wasn’t all too good. Looked very amateurish to me, and it seemed almost everything was translated to English, badly. As for the name and the contents of the site, the name was “ЗOНA”, It’s in Cyrillic, ZONA is the transliteration, ZONE in short. As for the contents, It was weapons and ammunition mostly… A Russian site on the deep web selling guns, how original… But, I later found out It was Ukrainian, though from what I’ve read they do accept Hryvnia, the Ukrainian currency, Russian Roubles, Dollars, Euros, and Bitcoin.

But what surprised me, even more, is that some people were selling supplies. Food and rations, bootleg cigarettes, and of course, vodka and alcohol. But the prices were exorbitant. Who pays 60 dollars for a pack of cigarettes, a single fucking pack? And orders It ONLINE for some damn reason? Anyways, for the ammo, guns, and body armor though, they seemed reasonable, slightly higher than usual, but reasonable.

So, what was this site? I didn’t have a clue. So, after a bunch of looking around the site, I finally went to see the profile of the man I basically robbed.

I think It’s a “he” judging by the username. “Strelok” seemed familiar for some reason, but I shrugged it off. The guy had been active on the site since November 2012. This site has been up for a damn while It seems.

I took a look at Strelok’s transactions, which there was a lot of. He ordered weapons, ammo, sometimes he ordered food and other accessories. Scrolling through his buy orders in awe almost made me forget about what he was selling, so I clicked on the icon which simply said: “Sell”.

There wasn’t much… And It was all rocks or gems of some kind, they looked really exotic, and he got a good price damn price on all of them. On average about 30,000 to 40,000 dollars for those gems. Then I came across the glowing one… 10 million dollars… And It was sold…

Jesus Christ, this guy was RICH! Of course, I clicked to see why It was worth that much, and where can one find It. I wanted to read the description but two videos caught my attention, among the photos of the red glowing gem were those videos. So I decided to watch them.

The first one started with a man speaking in a foreign language, Russian or Ukrainian I assume, fiddling with the camera and trying to get It into focus. When It did focus I saw that there was a man in front, he was armed and had a gas mask, helmet, he looked like a soldier or mercenary of some kind. And in the back, there was some kind of massive animal. It looked like a combination of a Rhino and bear, It had a large tusk and It was hairy as all hell. Woolly Rhino? It was a thing actually, but they went extinct a long time ago. And It didn’t really look like a woolly rhino, Its fur had a reddish color, some parts where the skin was exposed seemed to have a faint glow, maybe where Its veins passed. Glowing blood? It was absolutely gigantic, much larger than even the monsters of pre-history.

And It was dead, laying on the ground.

What made me question myself was the environment around them. The sky was a bland gray color while the grass and plants around them were… purple. It looked as if they were on an entirely different planet.

The man in the front, armed with what looked like a high-caliber rifle spoke in English, with an American accent surprisingly enough.

“You filming?”

The man filming said “Da”, or yes

“We are filming this as evidence that the artifact is legitimate and not a fake.”

They started walking toward the dead creature, when they came closer the, I assume, American said

“Strelok, knife please”

As he said that, I physically got closer to the screen as the third person got into the frame. Strelok was also armed with a rifle, but his entire head was covered up. Helmet and gas mask.

Strelok gave him a large hunting knife, then the American proceeded to start cutting open something on the forehead of the beast, just below Its massive tusk. After 20 seconds of struggling to cut it open, he finally retrieved what he was searching for. A gem of some kind with an irregular shape and red in color. It was glowing, well pulsating would be better said, as if the gem had a heartbeat of its own.

The guy motioned the cameraman to come closer, as he did he zoomed into the gem for a closer look. It looked… beautiful. Soon enough, he handed the gem to Strelok and he put it inside some kind of metallic box. Then the video abruptly ended.

Of course, I went on to see the other video. That one started in a more familiar place, It was the outdoors again but the plants and trees looked familiar, and the color was right, green.

I saw a guy dressed in casual attire, nothing too special, a shirt and jeans with a jacket. He was handed the pulsating red gem, which seemed to be much more refined this time. It was circular, like a ball.

Then the man put the gem on a slot on his belt that fit the gem perfectly. Then he pressed something on his belt and the gem stopped pulsating, It was glowing this time, just a constant stream of red light coming out of the gem.

The man put his shirt over his belt and blocked it from view. It seemed that the glow didn’t penetrate the shirt, It looked like he didn’t have anything on his actually.

Then the interesting part began, another person came into view… with a flamethrower.

The man who had the gem spread his arms out like Jesus Christ being crucified, a smile going from ear to ear plastered on his face as the flames started spewing out of the flamethrower.

The man was engulfed in flame, yet he didn’t even so much as flinch. After about 10 seconds of baptizing the guy in fire, it finally stopped. The guy was still standing there, burning, not flinching or anything.

Moments later a few more people come into the frame with fire extinguishers, they put the flames out as the guy covered his face, more worried if the foam will go into his eye than the fact he’s burning from head to toe. Once he was put out… He looked… untouched. His clothes didn’t have so much as a burn mark on them, he was still smiling, laughing now even. He was completely fine…

At first, I thought that there is no way this is real, this is some high-budget bullshit. But, there was too much of It. Strelok’s videos weren’t the only ones that were “proving the legitimacy” of the gems. There were hundreds, upon hundreds of them from others. Most of the gems didn’t have videos, usually those that cost up to 50,000 dollars, but those 100,000 and above all had them.

They all had that belt where you put the refined gem inside and boom! You have goddamn superpowers! Other than fire resistance, there was levitation, super-human strength, telekinesis, etc..

And the animals… Jesus those are monsters, I described a gigantic red woolly rhino with glowing veins but I can’t even get started on Alien looking creatures with the telekinesis gems, blueish in color. And I mean those Aliens from the Alien vs Predator movies, It’s like the designer for them ripped off these guys. They are smaller and lack a tail, but their heads are even more disproportionately large. And definitely don’t get me started on those levitating eyeless things with long fingers, I still have nightmares from them even though they’re dead in all of those videos. I say “levitating” I just assume that gem comes from them, and they only have a few spindly tentacles instead of legs, so, yeah.

Now, what else? Well, the chat of course.

I looked with who Strelok chatted with, most of it was in Russian, some in English. Almost all were about either buying new guns, Strelok asking about their condition and such, or about selling, people asking Strelok about the gems.

But as I scrolled down, I came across his first conversation in 2012. It was quite long-winded, and in Russian, but I’ll sum it up.

A guy named Sid sent Strelok a message saying

“So you want to be a hunter? Scavenger, Trespasser, Adventurer, Loner, Killer, Explorer, and Robber? All of the above? But in any case, you’ll be a pioneer. And if you make it, you’ll be rich.”

Strelok said simply “Yes”.

Sid then replied.

“Excellent, I’ll give you the fine details. But in short, this is a dangerous life, and once you’re in you can’t escape. You can’t back down. Either you commit fully or die. No one else must know about the portal. But I know you already know that. I trust you enough to message you and get you started, I owe you’re brother a lot after all.”

The conversation from then on was about supplies and how to survive in the wilderness, with a few more interesting tidbits of information. Such as the radioactive wildlife and man-eating plants, as well as the threat from other humans and the various factions there. The “zone” or “the Portal” as some call it is, as Sid says, an extra-dimensional anomaly somewhere in Ukraine that can send people back and forth between our dimension and another one. Where the laws of physics are slightly different. But if you bring anything from there back here, It will still adhere to the laws of physics from Its home dimension. At least the researchers say so.

So, all this is unsure. There are various factions including the Ukrainian government and some rogue researchers who want to know what the hell this thing is, and what kind of world is beyond it. Some kind of top-secret organization trying to contain it, some people try to destroy it. And some try to profit from it, most want to profit from it. Hence why there is this site where you can buy or sell things specially tailored for those who go to the other side, and those who want superpowers I guess. I should mention that I tried to access the site over my PC, using Tor of course. But It doesn’t exist, It’s only accessible over the laptop for some reason. There is probably some kind of way that I am not aware of… Need to find out how…

Anyways, at the end of the conversation Sid simply said :

“See you in Kiev, I got a ride to get you to the portal. It’ll be a long drive.”

So, what do I make of this? I don’t fucking know, If you want me to upload some of those videos If I can, I’ll think about it because I don’t know if there will be consequences for that. God knows every fucking intelligence agency and the damn Inquisition might be knocking my door down the moment I hit upload.

Just, if anyone knows about this “Zone” or “Portal” or those gems, contact me. I don’t know for how long this has been going on, but flooding our world with supernatural gems which give you superpowers can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Depends on who is wielding them.

I hope It’s fake, but I highly doubt it.

But… If I do find a way to get there. If the fear of those fucking monstrosities on the other side doesn’t deter me. Curiosity and wanderlust just might get the better of me… And the money…

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