Leveling skills by doing the action feels underwhelming compared to reading a book and logging out : MortalOnline

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I’ve often run into this issue while trying to level skills. Currently working on Granum->Metal skills and all the pieces involved in that, but it takes so long and feels so unrewarding to level everything by actually mining->crushing->smelting that I just end up popping a book into my reading slot and logging out. Anyone else feel this way?

Currently I mine a 10k stack of granum, crush it, smelt the ores with their catalysts and get like 5% of the materials needed for one shortsword and maybe every two runs of this I get a single level in a relevant skill. It feels like a waste of time to level skills this way rather than just reading books and going afk.

I feel like books should be more focused on just unlocking skills to be able to level them rather than being the main force behind levelling them. It’s just anti-gameplay

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