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Las Vegas is a desert city located in Nevada. It’s famous for
being the gambling mecca and, the heat of course.

While Las Vegas is known for its many landmarks, in this article
we would like to focus on the not so obvious activities you can do during your
visit to Las Vegas.

We won’t cover, for the most part, restaurants or places to eat this time,
but you will definitely see Las Vegas differently with the places we will share
with you here.


you see a person falling down from high up in the stratosphere, don’t panic.
It’s just the  SkyJump a controlled free fall that sends brave
visitors to the mainland from 250 meters up. But if you don’t feel like jumping
out of a perfectly safe building, you can enjoy other emotions. Follow the
screams to the top of the Stratosphere, the tallest building in Nevada, where
you will enjoy attractions such as the Big Shot, the X-Scream and the Insanity.
Take it easy: they are as scary as they sound.

the neon lights

Vegas is known for destroying anything that gets too old, musty, or just isn’t
profitable. But while the city’s ancient architecture has often been reduced to
nothing, many of its iconic neon signs have been given a second chance and
preserved in the well known Neon Museum. Book a visit to wander among the
relics, hear tales of eccentric billionaires (There are a few on Las Vegas),
historic landmarks, and the characters who helped build the city.


Vegas is home to Cirque du Soleil in America with seven resident shows filling
the theaters along the Boulevard. For the definitive experience of Cirque’s
charms, go to their ‘O’ show at The Bellagio, a
wonderful circus show based on a stage that transforms into a pond in the blink
of an eye; packed with jaw-dropping tricks, groundbreaking engineering, and the
company’s classic clowns. For a little more circus enjoyment in Las Vegas,
party at Absinthe’s Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace and let his ruthless
Gazillionaire and his diverse team of performers blow your mind with their
astonishing pranks.

in the pool

we talked about the heat in Las Vegas? Well, it gets hot. Its location makes
heat prominent and overwhelming. From the time summer hits in early April to
the end of October, Las Vegas pool parties are the place to beat the heat. Wet
‘n’ Wild is the water park kids want, while entire families will find something
to do between the sandy beach, wave pool and lazy river at Mandalay Beach. For
a more adult experience in the pool, join the crowd at the Encore Beach Club,
where the party runs through the afternoon drinking, dancing and immersing
yourself in the soundtrack of the best DJs.


Dam has great significance to both Las Vegas history and geography, and the
221-meter-high curved concrete facade makes for a breathtaking sight, whether
you’re taking a guided tour, walking to the bridge, or you just watch it from a
boat on Lake Mead. 21,000 men worked for five years to build the mighty dam on
the Colorado River, and it is worth stopping to see the fruits of their labor.

very close to the city, it’s a location you must visit if you feel a bit
overwhelmed by the city lights.


Vegas visitors are often surprised to find that The Strip is not a four-mile
city lost in the middle of the desert. The city is surrounded by mountains and
canyons that offer wonderful expeditions throughout the year. During the
winter, visit The Red Rock National Conservation Area, where the reddish rock
faces are dotted with climbers and trails that lead to charming ravines. In the
summer, head north to Mount Charleston, nearly 3,600 meters where you can find
cooler temperatures, Bristlecone pine forests, and breathtaking views of the


as you can see, we could write a whole book of interesting things you could do
in Las Vegas that you probably didn’t know about and if you are still into
playing some games, you can use your phone or tablet to play more than 8000 free slots at online casinos. You can
do that while you wait in line for your attractions or when relaxing by the
pool as long as you’re linked to the internet, you’re good to go. You don’t
have to bet real money to play the free slot machines, which are available 24/7,
so there’s always something to do.

There’s more in Las Vegas than just the casinos. While the heat
can beat you up really well at times, you will always find something
interesting to do in the city of lights. The Strip will always welcome

Who could have forth seen all this coming from a tiny spot in the
middle of the desert?

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