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You wake up dog tired to the alarm blaring – You intended to be asleep by 11 but fell asleep with your phone in your hand at around 4am – briefly check phone for messages and world news – an hour later you’re still laying there scrolling – now reading about geopolitics in the Balkans. You still haven’t replied to any of the messages though – realise you have an appointment in half an hour and jump the fuck out of bed – you haven’t showered since the day before yesterday so you turn on the shower then run to turn on the stove to start heating up the frying pan – then notice through the window that your succulent looks to be languishing – you end up looking up succulent care tips and spend 10 minutes scrolling through that and getting nowhere – end up just filling up a glass of water to dump on it – you hear the shower still running and run into it – 5 minutes later you’re out of the shower (forgot to use the special antibacterial soap you’re supposed to use) and can smell some burning – you realise the pan is emanating some smoke from charred remnants you didn’t clean properly – you check your phone and realise that you’re supposed to be at the appointment in 3 minutes even thought it’s a 7 minute drive – You go without breakfast (as usual) and rush out the door – the glass of water that you poured for the succulent is still sitting on the countertop – you hop in the car and the fuel light comes on – you realise you forgot to brush your teeth – the mints are all empty too – you’re now officially late but you no longer even bother trying to think up excuses anymore – you’re getting impatient with other motorists who insist on abiding by the speed limit – there’s some roadworks which delay you even further, of course – you pull into the carpark like a madman now over 10 minutes late – you burst inside – thankfully the doctor is running behind as well – you make some half hearted joke about how you’ll be late to your own funeral and take a seat – whilst there your phone dies (you forgot to charge it overnight) and you now have to try to remember the notes and names of the creams you’re using – you realise you’ve also left the referral form sitting on the countertop at home – you go to pay for the appointment and realise you were relying on your phone to tap and pay – the receptionist is nice enough to offer to charge the phone for you whilst you take a seat and stare at a young family, realising that there’s no way in hell you’re cut out for raising kids – you sit back on the chair and drift away into a fantasy realm for a while (which includes someone interviewing you as it always does) and get so invested into it that you don’t realise 30 minutes have passed and the receptionist is calling out that your phone’s ready to pay – you tap – it gets declined – you transfer money (there’s less than you though…you will have to investigate that sometime never) and pay – then decide to drive to the gym – you’re tired and hungry so it’s a pretty shit workout – nonetheless it helps you to feel a little more recomposed – that is until you receive the message reminding you that your friends birthday dinner is that evening… there goes any productivity today, now you’ll just be killing time waiting for it – you try to think of some valid excuses but you’ve already used most of them on this guy before so you figure you have to go (of course you like the guy, but not the idea of having a commitment sneak up on you like this) – fast forward 7 hours (in which basically nothing was achieved besides random research projects – none of which you can remember – online shopping and doom scrolling) – despite having all day to prepare you end up running late for the dinner and don’t have time to shower again – you open messenger to let him know but see the list of messages you’ve yet to reply to and close the app quick smart – whatever – you rock up 20 minutes late as they’re on the entrees and try to soften the blow by spouting some bullshit about how you’re fashionably late and consistent with your lack of punctuality and a few people laugh whilst a few others roll their eyes – they know your style by now, and apparently are willing to put up with it – you have a nice enough conversation that involves you interrupting and lecturing on tangents a bit too much but whatever people seem to enjoy your company (somehow) – you head to the nearest gas station and fill half a tank (never a full tank for some reason), realise you’ve missed the grocery store closing by 5 minutes – you step inside and realise the glass of water is still on the countertop – you open up Instagram to see if the cute girl you’re talking to has read your message yet, ‘user not found’, you realise that’s what you get for taking a week to reply to her, it still hurts though – you open up dating apps and sit there like a zombie at the slot machines for half an hour – no luck – you begin to feel awash with self-hatred and self-pity – you pick up your dust covered guitar and strum it for a minute then put it back on its stand – tonight you’ll head to bed at 10pm no ifs or buts, things have got to change – 10pm rolls around and you barely even acknowledge it – full steam ahead doing some useless procrastination – now It’s 1am and you’ve got 47 tabs open, roughly 3/4 of which are pornography, and 1/4 are wikipedia pages on topics including terrestrial crocodiles, event horizon, phobos monolith, Aleister Crowley, Unit 731 – all the topics that will provide crucial value to your life – you post this on reddit then head to bed at 2 – you fall asleep with your phone in your hand at around 4am.

If any of you read this perhaps you don’t actually have ADHD ๐Ÿ™‚

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