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Beagles waiting to be adoptedBeagles have been in the top of popularity lists for many years. Beagles are popular for a number of reasons. They're a medium size dog that requires little grooming. They do not drool, do not have a 'doggy' smell and get by with relatively infrequent bathing in a normal household environment. These 'merry little hounds' have an outstanding temperament, and make loyal, loving family members.

But Beagles aren't for everyone. Being scent hounds, beagles have a reputation for stubbornness. In reality, their nose always wins in a fight with their other senses. Training takes time, patience and creativity. Many people just give up too soon, while others never really try. So, the cute little puppy purchased 3 months ago is now an untrained terror. He digs, he chews, he escapes. Unfortunately at about this time the idea comes to "get rid of him".

Then there are the "strays". Being somewhat of an escape artist if left bored, ignored and untrained, the beagle takes to wandering. So, he gets picked up off of the street and carted off to the pound, or, if very lucky, found by some nice person who will take him in and love and train him or turn him over to someone who will.

Adopted BeagleEnter rescue! Beagle Rescue has been around for awhile as have other "breed rescues". Thanks to many who were in at the beginning such as Linda Forrest with SOS Beagle Rescue, formerly of New Jersey and now of Tennessee, the idea of rescue has spread and today hundreds of people participate in Beagle Rescue in some form or fashion. It is both rewarding and heartbreaking. Many days the rescuer is certain that the world would be a much better place with more Beagles and fewer humans. But, ultimately, the joy of seeing the once unwanted "love sponge" go to that special family makes it all worthwhile.

Rescued Beagles have a lot to give, too. They go to their new homes competely up to date on shots and spayed or neutered. They are usually past the chewing stage and have some house training and crate training. The adopted Beagle makes a wonderful pet who will give unconditional love to the whole family.

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