Should I let my $50 bonus expire to collect (potentially) $15-40? Or should I try to meet the wagering requirement of $2500? My goal is just to break even. : onlinegambling

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So I use this referral website called Swagbucks, and they offered me $50 to deposit and wager $25 into Jackpot Village (I live in Canada). I will get this money regardless. My goal is just to break even here, not make a lot of money lol. I’d rather get my $25 back or somewhat near there than lose it all just for the chance to make a lot of money.

I wagered $25 and got my current amount up to $40. But I still have $50 in bonuses, and I cannot withdraw from this casino until my bonus amount is $0. The games use my real money before they use my bonuses, so I cannot get rid of this bonus amount.

I’d have to wager around $2500 before I can withdraw my bonuses at this casino…and I am only allowed to play slot games to wager. But if my bonuses expire, then I just need to wager the $25 I deposited, and I’d be able to withdraw whatever is left!

Should I just wait 30 days and potentially get my $40? (Customer support was being annoying but they said I have to wager $25 AGAIN to withdraw, not sure I believe them, so it could drop down to $15 if I’m really unlucky). Or should I try my luck with the bonuses?

Will I ever be able to wager $2500 with only $40 (real money) + $50 (bonus money) playing only slots? Or am I more likely to just drop to zero?

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