Side Hustles in New York City: She Earned 100k Plus in Her Side Hustle I How?

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Key Points:

  • She managed to hold down a full-time day job working as a nurse’s aide while building her side hustle as a passion project.
  • She started a blog and YouTube channel as a hobby cooking favorite pastime Jamaican dishes.
  • Her side hustle not only earned her a whopping $100,000 plus in passive income from her Jamaican cooking-based Internet venture, but her income from side hustles competed with her day job income which is also a $100,000 plus annual salary.

She did so well in her side hustle that featured her in a CNBC make it YouTube video. She’s based out of New York City. She does what she does as a labor of love. She has a blog and YouTube channel centered around the topic of preparing the Lish’s Jamaican cuisine. From hockey and salt fish, oxtails, to brown stew chicken, her YouTube channel showcases her Jamaican cooking talent. A regular day job is a nurses aide, where she earns over $100,000 annually. While her day job income easily affords her a good living, she continues to move forward in her side hustle out of New York City with her blog and YouTube cooking channel.

Her name is Helena Faustin. She’s only 35 years young. In the beginning of the YouTube video, she mentions in so many words that “I couldn’t envision a career in cooking.” Many people don’t comprehend that they can use the Internet to start a side hustle and earn a full-time living. Long gone are the days of traditionally working a day job at 25 to 30 to 40 years and retiring with healthy income. Helena understands that using the awesome power of the Internet to do what she does in her Jamaican cooking-based video project can do more than help her earn and live the life she wants debt-free. She does what she does as a labor of love on her YouTube channel, satisfying her target YouTube audience with delicious meals that she cooks fresh from scratch. She was taught to go to school, get good grades, get a good paying job and work her way up to retirement to earn a pension, she mentions in so many words in the CNBC YouTube video.

She runs her side hustle based out of Freeport, New York. She’s a registered nurse that cares for babies with congenital heart disease. While she works extensive hours on the job and can sometimes be draining to her energy levels causing fatigue, her love for her side hustle project of preparing fresh Jamaican cuisine from scratch in YouTube videos keeps her going the extra mile in serving quality content to hurry target YouTube viewing audience.she boasts in the CNBC YouTube video that has side hustle earn her $117,000 in the year 2021.

Yes, it’s possible to earn that kind of annual online revenue from YouTube alone, by uploading videos and earning money as a YouTube partner from ads. Making money online as a YouTube partner is possible full-time without working a day job. Becoming a dedicated YouTube content creator is possible through changing the history of your human thought process. It doesn’t matter what you’re currently going through in the uncertain game called life. Whether you’re currently employed, unemployed, living at the YMCA, or financially distressed, if you have a passion for serving quality content to a target YouTube watch audience and do what you do as a labor of love and stay consistent in your YouTube video uploading endeavors, you too can be a success like Helena.

Her side hustle started in 2018 on sharing pictures with friends and family. From there, she started food blogging and uploading videos to YouTube. From 2018 until April 2022, she managed through consistency to earn over $100,000 in her food blogging/vlogging side hustles. She was so passionate about her side hustle that she turned her kitchen into a studio, she mentions in so many words in the CNBC Make It YouTube video. To start a side hustle, you don’t need fancy equipment or investing much money upfront. But in order to make your side hustle work, some investment is required, such as investing in a camera, Hero 10, a,,, or camera Or, you can use your current Apple iPhone with 4K video recording capability to start your YouTube video side hustle career. All you need is passion and a long-term vision and a niche in which you have extensive knowledge of, and launch your side hustle “with no delay.”

While she’s been on the job now for 12 years as mentioned in the CNBC YouTube video, her side hustle alone will likely make her a near future side hustle millionaire. She’s making the wise choice to stay on the job and work until retirement because despite the fact that she currently earns more than enough money from her Jamaican cooking-based side hustle on YouTube which will likely make her a millionaire before she retires, she may stick with the choice of working through to retirement. This way, she’ll retire with multiple streams of income. One income is her 401(k) or pension coming from her job. And other streams of passive income coming from YouTube and corners of the Internet from her side hustles.

Because of the success of her side hustle, her job which currently earned her $126,000 annually is now not her sole source of income. Moreover, she’s less independent on her day job for making money. Her side hustle has been so successful that she’s able to spend more time with her husband and children.

Many working class people feel stuck in their jobs because they were trained to get a job straight out of high school or college, worked their way up, and trained to work through until retirement. Most working class people only know “job.” While having a job is a realistic thing to have at the moment because your rent, mortgage, utility bills, and other bills need to be immediately satisfied, today’s world requires you as an unwritten rule to have more than one stream of income. This is where the beauty of starting a side hustle online comes in. Job security is so scarce today that everyone should be willing to change the way they think about getting out of the “just over broke-job” mindset. The Internet is more secure than working on a job for 20 years and keeping your fingers crossed that you make it until retirement.

If you do what you do like Helena is doing online as a side hustle and a labor of love, you too can achieve financial freedom. The secret sauce to tapping into unlimited potential of achieving financial freedom is that you must make more time for yourself and be unwilling to work overtime for your employer. Your employer probably knows in secret that starting side hustles online by working from home in your spare time or working remotely from anywhere as a digital nomad with a laptop an instant Internet connection will allow you to tap into unlimited income potential, either through YouTube video uploading and becoming a future YouTube partner, or becoming a full-time dedicated blogger and learning and mastering “affiliate marketing.” Affiliate marketing, blogging, and YouTube combined can and will make you a side hustle millionaire. However, this is not a get rich quick overnight operation. If you really want this to work for you like it works for Helena, you have to get started now while things are not going well in your life. Start out small and work slowly but surely everyday. You will make mistakes in your side hustle journey and sometimes become inconsistent. That’s okay. Pick yourself up and just keep going.

As your mind develops in building your side hustle from the ground floor up online as a passion project, you’ll notice your mindset starting to change like Helena’s in getting out of job and into the entrepreneurial mindset. You will become less dependent on your regular job and believe more in yourself. Getting started now is the best thing to do even if you have 0% previous online marketing or side hustle experience. There’s many learning curves along the way that require you as an unwritten rule to “go figure,” meaning “figure it out on your own.” It’ll be challenging and sometimes frustrating to learn and master the beauty of starting a side hustle online and making it work. But if you desire this lifestyle and get used to uncertainty and understand that there is no guarantee of financial success and do this as a labor of love, you too can prosper just like Helena.

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